Competition Applications

6 to 9 July 2023 in Mas-d'Azil


Applications are closed. However, for information you can still download the Application form.


Category A - Beginner

  • Marie-Luce Lucas: Par petite brise

Category B - 1st Cycle

  • Hubert Léonard: Solo A in E minor op. 62

Category C - 2nd Cycle

  • Pierre Rode: 1st solo from the 7th concerto in A minor

Category D - 3rd Cycle

  • Édouard Lalo: 1st movement from the Symphonie Espagnole
  • J.S Bach: Courante, from the 2nd Partita for solo violin

Category E - Excellence

  • Paganini: a caprice of your choice
  • J.S Bach: a movement from the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin, except the Ciaccona
  • A compulsory contemporary piece: Lamento, 2nd movement of the concerto L’Ariégeois by Omar Yagoubi (contact the "Musique et Partage en Couserans" association for the score.)
  • The first movement of a Violin Concerto of your choice from the following composers: Beethoven, Brahms, Dvořák, Mendelssohn, Paganini, Prokofiev, Saint-Saëns, Sibélius, Tchaïkovski.
(In all categories, performing from memory is mandatory, except for the contemporary piece in the Excellence category.)


Category A - Beginner

- 1st Prize : 35 euros
- 2nd Prize : 30 euros
- 3rd Prize : 25 euros

Category B - 1st Cycle

- 1st Prize : 100 euros
- 2nd Prize : 70 euros
- 3rd Prize : 50 euros

Category C - 2nd Cycle

- 1st Prize : 160 euros
- 2nd Prize : 120 euros
- 3rd Prize : 100 euros

Category D - 3rd Cycle

- 1st Prize : 400 euros
- 2nd Prize : 300 euros
- 3rd Prize: 200 euros

Category E - Excellence

- 1st Prize : 5000 euros
- 2nd Prize : 2300 euros
- 3rd Prize : 1800 euros

In each category, an audience prize may be given.
The candidats not awarded with a prize will receive a Certificat of Participation.



  • The number of candidats being limited, late applications may not be accepted (in which case application fees will be fully refunded).
  • Application fees are not refundable should the candidate cancel his/her participation, or be prevented from participating for any reason.
  • A candidate that has already been awarded the 1st Prize in a category cannot apply to that same category again. He or she can however apply to a higher category in the following editions of the Competition.


  • The candidates will receive a confirmation of their inscription by mail or e-mail, as well as the overall planning of the competition.
  • The Competition will take place in the town hall of the Mas-d'Azil (09).


  • Photocopied scores are prohibited.


  • Whenever a piano accompaniment is required, candidates can be accompanied by a pianist of their choice or by the official accompanist (free of charge for the Competition performance itself).
  • Rehearsals with one of the official accompanists will be charged as follow: 15 euros for Beginners, 30 euros for 1st and 2nd Cycle candidates, 40 euros for 3rd Cycle candidates and 50 euros for Excellence candidates. To book a rehearsal, please contact the "Musique et Partage en Couserans" association 3 weeks in advance.


  • The jury can interrupt the performance of the candidates if it deems it appropriate.
  • The jury reserves the right not to give a Prize if it judges the level was not achieved.
  • The jury's decision is final and cannot, in any case, be the object of complaints.
  • If they wish, candidates may ask the members of the jury for their evaluations, critics and advice regarding their performance.

Award Ceremony

  • Prizes and Certificates will be delivered at the end of the Competition and only at that time.


  • Photos and video/audio recordings are strictly forbidden during the performances of the Competition.
  • The Competition organizers will have the unrestricted right to record, reproduce and freely distribute the performance of the candidates on the radio, television, or using any other video or audio format. Such will also be the case for potential interviews and photos.


Town Hall, Rue du Mouret, 09290 Le Mas-d'Azil

Accomodation and Transportation

Free accomodation can be provided by families in the Couserans region for the candidates who request it.

Transportation from the airports and train stations of the region to the place of the Competition or of accomodation can also be made avaible by our volunteers in the Couserans region for those who request it.