Contest entries

from 7 to 10 July 2022 in Saint-Girons

Registrations (before May 31, 2022) :

Registrations are open.
To register, please download the registration form and send it back to us completed, accompanied by a check corresponding to the registration fees, or a copy of your bank transfer order.


Category A - Beginner

  • Laure Choisy : Little Song

Category B - 1st Cycle

  • Oscar Rieding : Airs variés op.23 n°3

Category C - 2nd Cycle

  • Charles Dancla : 1er solo op.77 in B minor

Category D - 3rd Cycle

  • Charles Auguste de Bériot : Scènes de ballet op.100
  • J-S. Bach : Allegro Assai from the 3rd Sonata for solo violin

Category E - Excellence

  • Paganini : a caprice of your choice
  • J.S Bach : a mouvement from the Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin, except the Ciaccona.
  • A compulsory contempory piece : Concertino baroque by Charlie Mandon (contact the "Musique et PArtage en Couserans" association for the score)
  • The first movement of a violin concerto of your choice from the following composers : Beethoven, Brahms, Dvořák, Mendelssohn, Paganini, Prokofiev, Saint-Saëns, Sibélius, Tchaïkovski
(In all categories, performing froom memory is mandatory, except for the contempory piece in the Excellence category)


Category A - Beginners

- 1st Prize : 35 euros
- 2nd Prize : 30 euros
- 3rd Prize : 25 euros

Category B - 1er Cycle

- 1st Prize : 100 euros
- 2nd Prize : 70 euros
- 3rd Prize : 50 euros

Category C - 2ème Cycle

- 1st Prize : 160 euros
- 2nd Prize : 120 euros
- 3rd Prize : 100 euros

Category D - 3ème Cycle

- 1st Prize : 400 euros
- 2nd Prize : 300 euros
- 3rd Prize : 200 euros

Category E - Excellence

- 1st Prize : 5000 euros
- 2nd Prize : 2300 euros
- 3rd Prize : 1800 euros

Audiences Prizes may be awarded.
Candidates who have not won a Prize will receive a Certificate of Participation.



  • As the number of places is limited, late registrations may not be accepted (in this case, the registration fees will be fully refunded).
  • In case of withdrawal of a candidate, the registration fees will not be refunded.
  • Candidates who have obtained a 1st Prize in a category cannot be represented in this category. They can, if they wish, present themselves in a higher category, during the following editions of the Competition.


  • Candidates will receive a confirmation of their registration by mail or email, as well as the general schedule of the competition.
  • The Competition will take place in the hallMax Linder and the Hall of Honor of the Town Hall of Saint-Girons (09).


  • Photocopies of scores are prohibited.

Accompanying persons

  • Depending on the pieces, candidates can be accompanied by the pianist of their choice or by the official accompanist (free service during the Competition round)
  • Rehearsals with official guides are chargeable (beginners: 15 euros, 1st and 2nd cycle: 30 euros, 3rd cycle: 40 euros, Excellencies: 50 euros). To reserve a rehearsal time, contact the "Musique et Partage en Couserans" association 3 weeks before the start of the events.


  • The jury may interrupt, if it deems it useful, the performance of the candidate.
  • The jury reserves the right not to award a Prize if it considers the level insufficient.
  • The decision of the jury is without appeal and can not, under any circumstances, be the subject of a complaint.
  • Candidates may, if they wish, ask the members of the jury for their assessments and advice concerning their performance.


  • Prizes and Certificates will be awarded at the end of the competition and only then.


  • All photos, videos and audio recordings are strictly prohibited during the events.
  • The organizers of the Competition will have the unlimited right to record, reproduce and broadcast free of charge, on radio, television, video or any other medium, the performances of the candidates. The same applies to any interviews and photos.


Salle Max Linder, Place Jean Ibanes, Saint-Girons (09)

Accommodation and Transportation

Accommodation and catering by Couserans families is possible for candidates who request it.

A shuttle to the place of the competition or accommodation from the airports/train stations in the region may be offered by our volunteer partners from Couseran for candidates who so wish.